Bounty Hunter Jobs and Career Description

Bounty hunters work to recover fugitives for the industry of bail bonds. Bounty hunters maintain the responsibility for safely apprehending fugitives that had bail posted, but later demonstrated failure to follow through with their court appearance.

Most bounty hunters are well-trained and licensed professionals who are integral to the the criminal justice system, as well as the commercial bail bond business. Bounty hunters usually work for bail bondsmen throughout the U.S. The only states in which bounty hunting is not allowed are: Kentucky, Illinois, Oregon, and Wisconsin.

Bounty Hunters

Usually, bounty hunters are professionals who are licensed and work on a freelance basis or are employed through a bail bonds company.

Bounty hunters are skilled at apprehending fugitives who flout the conditions of their bond by not showing for their court date that was scheduled. Even where there are no specific licensing requirements, bounty hunters are required to adhere to detailed laws regulating the bounty hunting practice. As you investigate a career in bounty hunting, it is wise to look into the statutes specific to your state for this field.

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Bounty Hunter Career

Job Description for Bounty Hunter

The job entails determining location and performing the apprehension of fugitives; but one must be well-versed in all of this (the bounty hunter job description):

  • Researching subjects with the intelligent use of social media and databases.
  • Determining the fugitive’s last location that was known.
  • Interviewing family, friends, acquaintances, and neighbors to gather as much information as possible.
  • Focusing on the exact fugitive location and figure out the best way to arrest the fugitive.

In adherence with laws in most states, a bounty hunter is able to initiate pursuit upon gaining authorization through the bail bondsman. The process typically includes procuring (through the bail bondsman) a certified bond copy. The bail bondsman will usually offer to the bounty hunter seminal information regarding the fugitive in order to enhance the best outcome.

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Bounty Hunter Career Preparation

Are you interested in bounty hunter jobs? When pursuing a bounty hunting career, one should be welcome to accepting a job which will capitalize on street savvy and keen investigative abilities. One should be skilled in surveillance techniques and interpersonal negotiations. It is not uncommon for ones who have been police officers or private detectives to pursue the bounty hunting career. If you are new to the bounty hunter profession, you can anticipate qualification by examination that substantiates their familiarity with the applicable laws. Because in many states bounty hunters are permitted to carry non-lethal weapons, or firearms, they often must gain additional certification.

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