How to Become a Bounty Hunter in Delaware

The first state to ratify the U.S. Constitution, Delaware is a state that was not only instrumental in the founding of our country but where people respect law and order. People who try to escape justice in Delaware are hunted down by dedicated and licensed bail enforcement agents who are more informally known as bounty hunters. If you are interested in getting licensed as a Delaware bail enforcement agent, read over the requirements to get and maintain your license to bring bail jumpers to justice.

Bounty Hunter Requirements in Delaware

In Delaware, bounty hunters are regulated by the state’s Department of Safety and Homeland Security. There are few laws surrounding what it takes to be a bounty hunter in the state, but there are certain prerequisites that must be met for licensure.

Basic State Requirements

  • Education: A bail enforcement training course is required to provide arrest, search and seizure skills and knowledge.
  • Age: You have to be at minimum 21 years old.
  • Degree: While no degree is required, many pursue higher education for professional development.
  • Experience: Experience is helpful in building clientele, but not necessary for licensure.

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Delaware Bounty Hunter Requirements

Additional Requirements

  • Background Screening: This is essential to demonstrate that you do not have any felony convictions in your background or any misdemeanors that involved violence, drugs or theft.
  • Additional Training: An additional 40 hours of training is required for those agents wishing to use handcuffs, mace or weaponry (including batons or firearms).

Delaware Bounty Hunter License

  • License Application: Your license application must include proof of training, any related firearms or other certifications, and a $75 licensing fee.
  • Licensure: Your license lasts for four years, at which point you must complete an 8-hour course to become recertified, as well as applying for renewal.

Degrees related to Bounty Hunters

Degrees related to bail enforcement agents include psychology, criminal justice, law enforcement, police procedures, business, finance, economics, and sociology.

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Major Cities in Delaware

The cities in Delaware where bail enforcement agents can often be found include Wilmington, Newark, Rehoboth Beach, Dover, Lewes, and New Castle, among others.

Job Duties of Bounty Hunters in Delaware

Bounty hunters work within the law and in close conjunction with local law enforcement to track down, arrest, and return for trial those people who skip bail, or fail to appear for trial after a bonds company has put up the money for them to be released. They must carefully obey all laws and regulations and keep in close contact with local police.

Related Careers

Several careers are related to skills and knowledge to bail enforcement agents. These include the bail bondsmen with whom they work, private investigations, and court process servers.

Employment Numbers in Delaware

While the Bureau of Labor Statistics doesn’t track bounty hunter numbers and salaries, a close approximation can be found by examining the numbers for private detectives, who are expected to see an increase of over 8 percent from where they were in 2012, by the year 2022.

Delaware Bounty Hunter Salary

Bounty hunters in Delaware usually make around $50,000 to $53,000 annually.

Bounty Hunter Programs and Schools in Delaware

Bounty Hunter Programs and Schools in Delaware

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