What is a Bail Bondsman

Have you wondered “what is a bail bondsman?” Are you interested in how to become a bail bondsman? We have compiled some important information for you.

Bail Bondsman

bail bondsman is a person, corporation, or agency that functions as surety and pledges property or money as bail for the court appearance of people. Though institutions such as insurance companies and banks are often the sureties on different types of projects, such organizations usually avoid putting their depositor or policyholder funds at known risks involved in posting bail bonds.
Become a Bail Bondsman
Bail bond agents are often happy to focus on catering to criminal defendants and are able to get them out of jail fairly quickly.

Information needed when contacting a bail bondsman

The following information is helpful in the process:

  • Where is the person in custody? (city, state, and the jail name).
  • What is the full name, and the booking number, of the individual in jail? The bail bondsman can get this information if you do not have it.
  • How much is the bail? The bail bondsman will be able to inform you of the amount it will cost to post a bond and the requirements for getting the person out of jail.

Federal Bonds

Federal bonds are bail bonds that go to defendants for which federal crimes have been charged. In addition to Federal bail bonds guaranteeing that a defendant will make his or her court appearance, there is a guarantee that the defendant will also comply with the standard pre-trial conditions. Conditions can involve limited business activities, periodic drug testing, and restrictions on travel. The entire amount of bail can be forfeited if the defendant falters in meeting all conditions.

Not very many bail bondsmen are willing to issue federal bonds due to the existence of additional risk of a defendant failing terms of the release at pre-trial. Most defendants will need to demonstrate ample collateral for securing the loan. The fees for a federal loan are usually much higher compared to the surety bail bond.