How to Become a Repo Man

Repo Man SalaryHave you thought of becoming a repo man? What exactly is the work of a repo man? What about repo man jobs and careers?

Becoming a Repo Man

A repo man, also referred to as repossession agent, is the person contracted through debt collection agencies, banks, as well as other financial institutions, to reclaim possessions from indebted people. One should research their state’s specific regulations and laws for licensing that pertain to repossession. Upon meeting the standard requirements, you are able to work as a repo man as an independent contractor, or for a lending institution or debt collector.

Repo men deal with a wide range of people, including attorneys and other professionals, so they must maintain professionalism at all times.

Skills of a Repo Man

  • You should be adept at solving problems.
  • You should be able to organize your time with precision.
  • You should generally maintain excellent communication and people skills.
  • You should be effective at dealing with anger-filled and possibly violent people.
  • You must be able to remain calm in stressful situations, as some may try to use physical intimidation against you.


Some states will require repo men to have a state license in order to practice.

Keep in mind that some states will consider a former criminal conviction as a license-disqualifier.

You should seek out information regarding basic requirements on repossession laws within your state. Every state will have its own guidelines.

Repo Man Training

Approved training courses and programs can offer you certifications in repossession that will benefit you through your career. Attaining certified training can enhance your candidacy within the job market.

Check with your State Department to understand specific requirements in your state.

  • Training should include important skills on: how to deal with your customers; effective picking of locks; and how to work vehicle alarm systems.
  • Training on the ethics of repossession and accompanying regulatory and legal information is important.

Repo Man Careers and Salary

Repo men are usually paid per repossession that they successfully accomplish. The average salary for a Repo Man tends to be about $32,000.